At Ayvar we are happy to welcome you in Mexico and that is why we provide you with several experiences in different States of our Mexican Republic.


  • Traditional Mexican breakfast, water, milk and unlimited coffee (within the House Ayvar, this is included for the lodging).
  • All transfers as well as guided in English, Spanish or French
  • Tickets to museums, parks, and tours specified in each itinerary (will be provided when each tour has been confirmed)
  • Coordinator and assistant (in case the tour requires it)
  • Photoshoot for each tour, by a professional Photographer
  • USB driver with the photoshoots


  • Food or beverages other than those mentioned
  • Shopping, and souvenirs
  • Unspecified tours or visits
  • Tipping

Description A must see place, near the city, named as Magic Town of Mexico, and considered the oldest living city in America; Has the largest pyramid in the world. The legend says that it has 365 churches destined for every day of the year. Cholula in particular, and Puebla, in general, stand out for their beautiful crafts, their typical food, its streets with romantic and bohemian air, as well as its cultural, religious and archaeological tourism.

Here you can also visit the Izta-­‐Popo National Park, where you can enjoy the view of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, the second and third highest summits in the country and are the icons par excellence of the Mexican natural landscape.
Participants 2 and up

Description Also considered Mexico's Magical Town, Tepoztlán is mentioned as one of the most attractive places of the State of Morelos, a couple of hours from Mexico City, we could not miss this place, surrounded by lush nature, great romanticism, delicious gastronomy And Mexican tradition. A walk through the town and climb to the Tepozteco, hill that is crowned with a small temple dedicated to Tepoztecatl, the god of Fertility and patron of the region.
Participants 2 and up

Description One of the most enigmatic sites in the history of pre-Columbian Mexico, the majestic archaeological zone of Tula, a city that brings us closer to the myth of the living god, since the traces of Quetzalcoatl and its civilizing imprint are present throughout Mesoamerica. Tula, is one of the many cosmopolitan cities of ancient Mexico where the Mayan traditions merge with the Central Highlands: observing the Atlanteans, the Chac-Mool and many other images of ancient Mexico, the presence of the Mayans remains in the air. the center of Mexico, and of Kukulkán, the Mayan name of Quetzalcóatl, that was present in Chichén Itzá, taking with it the art and the Toltec culture to the Mexican southeast. This religious political space was the main site of the Toltecayatl.
Participants 2 and up